Killing the Nuisance Animal in Your Yard

Let’s say you have an unwanted visitor in your property, and they are causing damages and health hazards. You need to know your options in order to end your wildlife-related issues. You should first analyze the creature that is causing destruction to your property to determine the right solution. There may be a food source that is capturing the attention of these pesky critters. Eliminating their access can easily solve your problem. However, in case you’ve attempted to use different non-lethal methods, but it still failed to resolve your issue, then the only option you have is to eliminate the creature.

How to Kill the Nuisance Animal that Invaded Your Yard
The method that you should use will vary depending on the creature. Let us discuss the different animals that can infiltrate your property as well as the method that you can use to kill them. This will help you formulate a better plan to contain or control the infestation.

Groundhogs, also known as Georgia woodchucks, are unprotected animals. This means that you may kill them anytime you want if they are within your private property. There is also no restriction on the number of woodchucks that you want to kill. There should be no permit required in killing them except a hunting license if you plan to use firearm, crossbow, or bow. Trapping them and performing euthanasia afterwards will seem to be the popular choice. Be careful when releasing them since this is considered illegal in other states and considered as a ticket-able offense. When burying or disposing the carcass, there is also the proper way to do this.

Raccoons, on the other hand, are protected species. You are only allowed to hunt or kill them during hunting seasons. The rules and the methods that you can use during this season are also governed by the wildlife center. You will have to carry a trapping and hunting license to kill the Athens-Clarke raccoons. Visit the state department in order to gather more information on how you can acquire the license. During off hunting season, capturing them and euthanizing will be allowed. If you have killed them during off-season, the carcass will have to be disposed or cremated at once.

Cottontail Rabbits
There are also regulations in killing the cottontail rabbits. They will tell you the methods that you can use and the number of rabbits that you can kill. When it is hunting season, you need to secure a hunting license. Outside of the hunting season, you will have to carry a DEC permit.

Skunk is another protected specie. You need to carry a trapping license if you want to trap them. There is absolutely no limit on the number of Athens-Clarke skunks that you want to trap if you carry the permit. If the animal invaded your property, you do not need to have a permit when killing them even during off season.

When looking for a humane method to kill them, there is absolutely no state law that specifically mention about the humane lethal method. Nonetheless, the DEC will provide a guideline. The concept behind this is to cause the animal the minimum level of suffering.

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