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We are Athens-Clarke Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Athens-Clarke, Ga. The majority of the calls we receive are from homeowners that notice scurrying sounds in their walls or attic. In most cases, homeowners do not even see the damage that animals cause since they do not frequent the areas where the critters hide. This is why we start every appointment with a thorough inspection of the property. This inspection allows us to find damage, the animals, and their entry points. We assist all types of properties, including both commercial and residential. Thanks to the size of our company, we can easily handle projects of any size. When you call us, our team will carefully listen to your concerns. We will ask you questions about the wildlife situation to better plan how to take care of your problem. We will also give you an overview of our solutions for your wildlife problem, providing as much detail over the phone as you want. We pride ourselves on delivering quick service! In most cases, we are able to schedule appointments at your convenience for either the next day or the same day. We offer a range of wildlife removal services, including removing groundhogs, skunks, and other critters from underneath your porch or shed, getting animals out of attics, or even finding the animals in your walls. Call us now at 678-971-3313 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

Fully Georgia licensed and insured.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Athens-Clarke bird control services.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

Winterville, Hull, Watkinsville, Bogart, Arnoldsville, Bishop, Colbert, Nicholson, High Shoals, Statham, Farmington, Crawford, Danielsville, Ila, Comer, Lexington, Bostwick, Commerce, Good Hope, Maxeys, Bethlehem, Winder, Stephens, and more.

Athens-Clarke Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Dangers of Raccoons to Our Pets

When a raccoon visited your property, understand that they might cause damages that can lead to costly repairs. There are some rare instances when the infestation of the raccoon can lead to a fatal situation due to the pathogens that they carry. The Athens-Clarke raccoons are one of the most common mammals in the urban areas. Some people will instantly panic on the sight of the raccoon. However, that is not the best approach to do it.

The Possible Dangers of the Raccoons to Our Pets
Understand that it will not be uncommon for our pets to have conflict with the raccoons. Due to their size, it will be impossible for your pets to go out unscathed from a fight with the raccoon. Let us find an answer to your most common worry about the possible threat of the raccoon to your pets.

Can they Kill Cats?
The raccoons are wild creatures and they are expected to act as wild animal. The conflict with cats will be unusual but it is still possible for them to fight. Their conflict can happen due to various reasons. When the cat encounters a raccoon, they will sometime chase them. Once they feel like they are threatened, they will defend themselves with their strong and sharp claws. The raccoon will also be attracted by the sweet and greasy scent of the cat food. In case they tried to feed from the bowl of your feline pet, they will surely get into fight.

The cats are known for their reserved nature and most of the time, they will not pay attention to the presence of the Athens-Clarke raccoons. Perhaps this is the reason on the rare incident of a raccoon and cat fight. In order to keep your pet safe, you need to be careful when feeding your pet. Be sure to keep the pet food indoors.

Will They Attack Our Dogs?
If there is a raccoon within your community, you need to be careful. The dogs are territorial creatures and they will be highly curious on any animals that will invade their territory. Once your dog saw the raccoon, it will immediately chase the animal to defend its territory. The usual response of the raccoon is to flee the site of the danger but there are still instances when they will stand their ground. Dogs also tend to feel jealous especially during the mealtime. In case it noticed that the raccoon is stealing its food, they will attack the raccoon. You need to be mindful when feeding your dog. If possible, you should feed them indoors. The raccoon can possibly transmit rabies through their scratches and bites.

Apart from the attack of the Georgia raccoons, they can also carry parasites such as tick, fleas, and mites that can be transferred to our pets. Their droppings can also contain fungal spores that can cause serious diseases. Some of these diseases can be fatal such as roundworm and Leptospirosis. It is relatively simple for your pets to be in contact with the animal’s feces.