Keep Wild Animals Out of Your House

The squeaking, chattering, and pitter-patter sound that you are hearing on your attic or walls is something that you should take seriously. While your Athens-Clarke house may not be haunted, you will also not be delighted to know that you are housing a wild animal. These animals will usually be out in their natural environment. However, once the cooler season arrives, they will look for a shelter that will provide them with comfort and warmth and our house would be the perfect space for them.

How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your House
Wild animals will not only destroy your property, they can also carry parasites and pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. Even the carcass of the animal can carry zoonotic diseases such as Hantavirus, toxoplasmosis, and rabies.

Exclusion Method
You need to have some preventative measures to ensure that the wild Georgia animals will remain out of your house. Inspect the different spaces of your house. Make sure that all areas will be covered. Some people will even hire professionals to guarantee that proper inspection will be conducted. Look for areas that have been damaged or have already been deteriorated. Pay attention to the cracks and holes. There are some animals that can easily access your house by entering a narrow hole. Repair all the damages that you can find. Seal the holes with hardware cloth or steel plate. Install chimney cap to prevent the animals from establishing their nest in our chimney.

Eliminate their Water and Food Source
You should never feed the Athens-Clarke wild animals and make sure that you will clear the fallen fruits and the seeds on your bird feeders. In case you notice a wild animal within your community, avoid feeding your pets outside since the greasy scent of the food can attract their interest. Your garbage should be stored securely. Keep the perishable items in the bottom of the trashcan. Place some heavy items on top such as cinderblocks to prevent the animals from rummaging the content of your trashcan. You should also clean the waste residue outside the garbage bin.

Eliminate their Shelter
Be sure to store your piles of wood properly. If possible, keep them above the ground. Animals such as snakes, can use this to conceal their presence. You should also trim the grass and shrubs regularly. This can greatly discourage the animal from establishing their den in your property. Remember that some animals are protected under the law. You must be familiar on the existing regulation first before disturbing their nest. If they are included in the list of protected species, it may not be legal to disturb their nest or their roosting ground.

In case these control methods are still not enough to keep the wild animals out of your premises, you should start looking for a professional help. Be sure that they will carry the necessary permit and licenses and that they know how to properly eliminate animals and prevent them from returning.

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