Wild Animals Destroying Your Roof

This winter, different types of wild animals such as birds, rats, mice, squirrels, and Athens-Clarke raccoons can easily get to your roof. Most of the nuisance creatures are adept climbers. They can also remain undetected for a long time. Once you realized that you have an infestation, you have probably suffered a significant damage from their attack. Pay attention to the noises in your roof that will tell you that they are settling in your house.

What to Do with the Wild Animals in Your Roof
While your roof can be in its perfect condition, the wild animals have sharp teeth and powerful claws that can easily tear up your roofing materials. They will take advantage of the holes in your roof to get to your attic. Other possible access point for these animals will include soffits, roof vents, and others.

Determine if the Animals Is Settling In
There are various signs that will help you determine the presence of wild animal in your roof. Paying attention to these signs will help you avert the detrimental effect of the infestation.

Squirrels-they are diurnal creatures. Therefore, you will often hear the strange noises during the day. Most of the sound you will hear will be scurrying and running sound in the attic or at the edge of your roof.

Mice and Athens-Clarke Rats- Droppings of these rodents are the common signs that you will notice. If you visit your attic, you will notice that your insulation has been disturbed and contaminated.

Raccoons- Since they are large animals, the sound that they will produce will be more audible. It is common for them to visit our property during the spring season. If you hear loud thumping sound at night, then it can possibly be a raccoon.

Controlling Wildlife Animals
After you identified the Georgia creature, it is time to perform removal or exclusion. There are different methods that you can use. Perhaps the best method is to remove their access from your roof. Trim the branches of the tree that they can use as bridge to your roof. You may install baffle on the structures that they are using to climb on your roof. If they have already invaded your attic, seal all the possible access point. You should also eliminate the elements that are attracting their attention such as the possible food source. Keep your area clean. Avoid feeding your pet outdoor and clear the birdseeds on the ground. Dispose your garbage properly by keeping all the perishable items at the bottom of the trashcan. Clean the waste residue occasionally and trim the grasses and shrubs in your yard.

When you find out that you are suffering from a wild animal infestation, try not to panic. Maintain your distance from the creature. Most of the wild animals are dangerous and they can attack if they feel like they are being threatened. If they are not yet settled in our attic, they will immediately leave if we provide them an escape route.

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